Dicco No. 1

Integral Cement Water Proofing Compound (Semi Paste), ISI CM/L- 1243536

DICCO No.1 is an integral Cement Waterproofing compound in Semi- paste form. It is manufactured by selected raw material and under exacting care in accordance with IS : 2645. It ensures the impermeability of concrete by increasing the density of mix. It is more effective compound in water which causes an effective distribution of water proofing compound through out the mix.

Dicco No. 1


It is essential for walls, roofs, water tanks, Dams, Pools, Basements only 2% – 3% DICCO No.1 of the cement used ensures complete water proofing.


1 Kg., 5 Kg., 25 Kg. Drum & 225 Kg. Drums duly ISI marked