Basement Waterproofing

Many people have experienced the problem of cracks in their basement walls and stubborn leaks after heavy rain. Consider a professional basement waterproofing system if your basement has ever leaked or flooded. Without waterproofing, water problems will only get worse. The integrity of your basement may be affected even if you don’t have water leaks very often. If you plan to finish your basement, having it waterproofed first is crucial and usually a wise investment. If you finish your basement first, you could end up spending more money on repairs later. Whatever the size or age of your basement or home, Aquolac can provide waterproofing service to meet your needs.

without Aquolac Waterproofing treatment
with Aquolac Waterproofing treatment
Aquolac Plasticizer

Super Power Plasticizer

for Injection Grouting

Grouting is the process used to repair foundation of damaged basement. Aquolac Super Power Plasticizer mixed with grout is injected in the foundation to prevent the problem of water-logging. When applied by the Aquolac Professional water-proofing engineers, Aquolac basement water proofing solution will seal leaks and fill voids in concrete and masonry structures. Typically, this type of repair is budget friendly and in many ways a better solution to your basement water-proofing problems. Aquolac Super Power Plasticizer has proved to be extremely effective in Indian homes.

Liquid Water Proofing Plus

for water-proofing through Guniting

The guniting is the most effective process of strengthening basement walls which has been damaged due to inferior work or other reasons. It is also used for providing an impervious layer. Guniting is also a time saving process and can be carried out in any season.

In guniting process, high pressure Aquacrete, cement, and mortar mixture is sprayed on the damaged walls using spray gun. The process of guniting is highly versatile in nature as compared to other methods of filling cracks and leakage in the basement walls.



Repairing the Foundation & Strengthening the Walls of Basement

Versatile uses

  • Can be done in any season or area.
  • Cost effective.
  • provides an extra lease of life to the building.
  • Scientifically proven procedure to repair foundation and

Environment Friendly and Pollution Free

Aquacrete Damp-Stop is an environmentally safe coating. It is safe to use anywhere from homes, offices and factirues. It is also economical to use, when compared to other solutions available in market.

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