Acrylic Coating

Polymer Based Paint

Aquolac Acrylic Coating AQL is curing free liquid acrylic polymer base. This is a superior replacement of cement paint. No curing is required with more life than cement paints. No Flaking, No peeling off, non-fade colors / light fast colors with more covering capacity.

Acrylic Coating

How to use

Surface Preparation:
Thoroughly clean off surface by using a steel wire brush to remove the dirt, duct, lichen, algae, old flaking coating or any other organic growth. Now wash the surface and let it dry partially. Patch all the cracks, voids and minor defects with Aquolac Cement based putty before application. Paint the newly plastered surface after a minimum period of 8-12 weeks. This will enable the plaster to achieve the dryness and proper setting on highly absorbent surface. A coat of Aquolac Cem – Primer will be able to control the suction.

Preparation of Paint:
Mix Aquolac Acrylic Coating into water in the ration of 2:1 to get a fine cream paste. Then slowly add on more portion of water to the paste and mix well to get a free flowing paint suitable for brushing. Apply the paint within 1 to 2 hours.

Paint Application:
The first coat should be brushed well in to the surface in order to get the best results. After 8-10 hours, of the first coat cure the surface with fine spray of water (Do not use saline or ground water). Apply the second coat after proper curing and setting of the first coat. Now give a gap of 8-10 hours, and then cure the surface with fine spray of water 2-3 time a day for at least two days. Do not paint in direct sunlight during hot summer or in windy, frosty, rainy conditions.

It is recommended not to use white cement as base coat.
Avoid using additives or intermixing of shades.


Aquolac Acrylic Coating painted surface can be washed after 7 days of application. Aquolac Acrylic Coating is a water thinnable exterior wall coating which gives excellent performance in all climatic conditions. It is the best substitute for cement paint and requires no curing shades are light fast and do not fade. The coated film is resistant to algae and fungal growth. This is better / advance version of cement paint.


5 Kg Bucket / Bag
30 Kg Bucket / Bag