Aqua Repell SB

AQUA REPELL SB is a solvent free silane/siloxane concentrate, dilutable in organic or silicone solvents to formulate a water repellent. Upon proper application, the formulated product will penetrate and provide water repellency by chemically reacting with the substrate. Treated surfaces are hydrophobic and retain their original appearance.
The active ingredients react with moisture to produce hydroxyl groups. These hydroxyl groups will bond with the substrates and themselves to produce a hydrophobic treatment that inhibits water absorption into the substrate.
This has been specially developed to treat variety of mineral substrates including architectural concrete, concrete blocks, brick, sandstone, all kinds of mineral based natural and artificial stone.

Special Features:

  • Excellent beading within 24 hours of application.
  • Penetration of absorbent surfaces due to small molecular structure provides added repellency.
  • Chemically bond to the substrates.
  • UV stable to increase life of the treatment.
  • Water vapour permeable but resistant to liquid water.
  • Penetrating treatment will not change the appearance of the substrate.
  • Provides excellent water repellence and hence reduces freeze-thaw damage, cracking, spalling, chemical degradation and dirt pick up. All this in


  • Apperance: Clear to Hazy
  • Colour: Clear to straw
  • Silane/Siloxane Content: 100 %
  • Specific Gravity (25° C): 1.02
  • Diluent: Alcohol, chlorinated solvents,
    aromatic or aliphatic hydrocarbons,
    silicone solvent & MTO.

Application Area / Uses

  1. Surface treatment of absorbent, mineral and even alkaline substrates, such as natural stone, brick, concrete and sandlime bricks, as well as for mineral paints and stuccos.
  2. Making aerated concrete water repellent.
  3. Low – fired clay products immediately after they have been made, e.g., roof tiles, facing bricks, floor tiles, flower pots.
  4. Surface treatment for concrete.
    Primer for emulsion paints and plasters.
  5. Making plastered surface water repellent

Method of Use

  • AQUA REPELL SB should be diluted in organic solvents such as aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, anhydrous alcohol, chlorinated solvents , Mineral turpentine oil ( MTO ) or low molecular weight polydimethyl siloxanes.
  • Methods of application include airless sprayer, roller or brush. Surfaces to be treatedshould be free of standing water, surface dirt, dust oils and other contaminants, When a brush or roller is used, repeated application is made until the surface remainsmoist for a few minutes. If an airless sprayer is used, application should continueuntil the substrate is thoroughly saturated.
  • Before applying AQUA REPELL SB , ensure to cover widows and other nonabsorbent surfaces properly as the product cures quickly and therefore it is very difficult to remove it after a few days. Wipe off any splashes on window panes immediatelyusing soapy water or if necessary an organic solvent.


  • AQUA REPELL SB should be diluted with brief stirring as it dissolves spontaneously and appearance will not change until its pot life has expired. The diluted solution shouldbe used with in 24 hours of dilution.
  • Excellent results are obtained, when AQUA REPELL SB is diluted with the recommended solvents in a· ratio of 1: 12, and when the diluted solution is used on the day of dilution.


AQUA REPELL SB is available in 20 Kg packaging

Shelf Life

AQUA REPELL SB should be stored at temperatures between O°C and 30°C in tightlyclosed original container. The containers must be protected from direct sunlight