Aquacoat – Acrylic Exterior Finish

100% Acrylic Exterior Finish

AQUACOAT is a high performance long lasting exterior paint specially formulated to with stand extreme tropical conditions of high rainfall humidity and heat.

Anti-Fungal / Anti-Algal Exterior Paint
The unique product design gives your house the best protection against growth of Algae & Fungus, there by preventing blackening of walls

Non Peeling & Non Fading Exterior Paint
AQUACOAT is based on specially formulated 100% pure Acrylic Resins which form an excellent bond with your wall preventing peeling or cracking of the paint for year to year and special non-fading pigments ensure of its rich shaded retain their original look with effect of climatic conditions, choose from its exciting shade ranges, designed keeping the latest International trends and give your house that distinct and unique look.


How to Use

Ensure that the surface to be painted is free from any loose paint, dust or grease. Any previous growth of fungus, Algae or mosses needs to be removed thoroughly by vigorous wire brushing and clearing with water. Application of any kind of putty is not recommended. Surface imperfections are to be filled only by using cement plaster. Apply two coats of Aquacoat by thinning 1 Ltr. of paint with 400 ml of water with Interval of 4-6 hrs. between coats. Primer is not recommended, as the product is self-priming. Do not over thin or over extend the brush. This product does not require water curing. Ensure that horizontal surface like top of windows, ledges are painting with three coats.


AQUACOAT can be brushed, rolled or sprayed.


11 to 13 sq.m per Ltr. per coat.


Available in 1 Ltr., 4 Ltr. And 20 Ltr. packs