Aquafilla Expansion Filler

Its unique formulation causes Aquafilla to expand when it dries. Aquafilla fills the space completely and leaves the surface uniform. Aquafilla can support more than 300 times it’s own weight by adhesion alone. Aquafilla mixed at once a fine smooth paste, it stays workable for about an hour.


How to use

Aquafilla is perfect for:
A. Filling
B. Fixing


  1. Cracks or crevices in walls, floor, and ceilings.
  2. Gaps around sinks, Water pipes, Baths & tiling


  1. Screw & Nails in walls.
  2. All types of fixtures in walls & Ceilings
  3. Aquafilla has a special power of adhesion and may be used as a “Back Bond” for fixing tiles, plaster board, etc. The versatile filler can be used for quick, easy repair of damaged surfaces.

Aquafilla will not shrink or fall out.


1 Kg. Polythene pack.