Aquarub Chlorinated Rubber Paint

AQUARUB Chlorinated Rubber paint is manufactured by using carefully selected pigments and chemicals in plasticized Chlorinated Rubber media. It is chemically nonreactive and shows a high degree of impermeability to water and water vapors. It protects the surfaces subjected to highly humid, salty and corrosive atmospheric conditions, and also protect the surface from acidic vapors or light acid attack. AQUARUB provides anti-fungus properties and has very good drying characteristics, flexibility and hardness.

AQUARUB - Chlorinated Rubber Paint


AQUARUB can be applied on all types of steel structure, equipment’s, chemical plants, Fertilizer plants, garages, Sackers and sewage disposal plants, can also be used floors, Walls and swimming pools.

How to use

Can be applied by spray or Brush. To obtain best results two to three coats should be applied.


Smooth, Hard and Glossy/S. Glossy.

Drying Time

Surface Dry : 20 Minutes
Hard Dry : 4- 6 Hours


Available in 4 Ltr. And 20 Ltr. packs


  1. Avoid over brushing
  2. Proper ventilation must be provided in confined space
  3. No smoking or nacked flame should be allowed in the Painting area
  4. Ensure satisfactory drying before the application of second coat.