Aquatile Tile Fixer

Single Component Highly Effective Tile Adhesive

Aquatile is a dry mortar mixture containing Plastic modified adhesive. It is specially formulated for excellent adhesion in fixing tiles. Then added with water, it becomes suitable for application on floors and walls interior as well as exterior.

Technical Specifications

Mixing Time
Pot Life
Fully Stressable
Walkable Time
Shelf Life
5 Minutes
2 Hours
After 7 days
After 24 hours
After 24 hours
1 year in a cool, dry place


  • Flexible to accommodate normal floor movement and temperature variations.
  • High bond strength.
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly workable, ensures speedy work.
  • No water curing required.
  • No batting on tiles is required, thus preventing breakage of tiles.


Aquatile is used for fixing of all types of floor & Wall Tiles viz. Glazed tiles, Mosaic Tiles, Torrazo Tiles, Brick, Marble and granite tiles.
It can be used for tiles/Stones/Granite Cladding on walls and columns.

How to use

Surface Preparation:
The surface should be sound, anti-skid, Clean, Dry and free from grease, dust and loosely adhering particles. Surface must be free from rising dampness or other hydrostatic pressures.

Aquatile is to be added to water in the ratio of 10:4 weight Stir continuously to obtain smooth paste consistency.
The mixture should be allowed to stand for 5 – 10 minutes and then stirred again.
The material is ready for application by means of notched spreader or notched trowel.
Water should not affect the impregnation for 2 days to get best results.

Mode of Application:

  1. Approx. 1.5 to 2mm thin bed of adhesive is to be applied only by notched trowel.
  2. For uneven surfaces, the thickness of adhesive applied can go upto 12 mm.
  3. The surface should be lightly combed with spreader.
  4. Tiles should be placed before surface starts drying
  5. Press the tile by slight twisting action; no batting required.
  6. Tiles can be adjusted within 15 minutes after application.
  7. Excess adhesive should be removed with the help of a damp cloth.
  8. Allow the surface to dry for 2 days.

In wet condition with water.


In cool, dry place in supplied packs


2 – 2.5 Kg – Per Sq.m.


5 Kg., 10Kg., 25 Kg. packs


  1. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  2. Avoid external tiling during rains
  3. Never add water to Aquatiles, Always add Aquatile to water.