Aquolac : Air Entraining Agent

Chloride-Free Air Entraining Agent

AQUOLAC Air Entraining Agent (A.E.A.) is Chloride free Air Entraining Agent for normal and lightweight aggregate concrete. It is used to improve the work-ability, plasticity and cohesiveness of concrete mixes. It resists freezing and thawing cycles by the entrainment of innumerable minutes air bubbles of suitable size and spacing which are evenly distributed throughout the mix. The effectiveness of entrained air in producing concrete has been recognized particularly in road and runways. AQUOLAC A.E.A. is formulates from carefully selected raw materials and is produced under controlled conditions to give a consistent product.

Aquolac Air Entraining Agent


  • AQUOLAC A.E.A. improves workability, enhances plasticity, reduces bleeding and segregation.
  • It improves the water retaining capacity of the mix through entrainment of controlled quantity of air bubbles of the optimum spacing and diameter.
  • AQUOLAC A.E.A is useful in reducing the density of light weight blocks without impairing strength.
  • It gives increased durability to dense concrete building blocks and because of the entrained air, a reduction in material cost is achieved.


AQUOLAC A.E.A. may be used with all Portland cements. It should not be added directly to the cement. It should be added to the concrete mix during the mixing process with water. Normally 0.03, to 0.08% of AQUOLAC A.E.A. by weight of cement. The appropriate dosage rate will vary depending on the material and mix designs being used. The exact dose should be determined by site trials. For better results AQUOLAC A.E.A., should be diluted with water to make 10% stock solution and this stock shall be mixed in the concrete.

Technical Details

  • Appearance : Pale Brown liquid
  • Chloride content : Nil
  • Storage period : More than one year
  • Handling : No health and fire Hazards


AQUOLAC A.E.A. is supplied in 20 Ltrs. Pack.