Aquolac Ecocoat

Thermal Insulation / Heat Insulation Paint / Thermal Insulation Paint / Heat Reflective Paint

AQUOLAC ECOCOAT is produced from vacuum “Microspheres” which have very low thermal conductivity, combined with the water resistance of Acrylic Resin which has good weather ability and other additives.
Since this technology comprises of a kind of vacuum that has only 7% of Soil component and the rest 93% is Air, it is very effective in thermal insulation. This technology is far above the normal paints produced by other manufacturers who use only the reflection of white color to insulate. The micro-spheres used in this technology have compressive strengths up to 6000 psi, a softening point of about 1800 degrees C., and they are fairly chemical resistant with low thermal conductivity of 0.1 w/m/deg. C.
The scientific process moved a step ahead by removing the gases inside, thus creating a vacuum at the microscopic level that gives “Aquolac Ecocoat” its properties of Thermal and also to some extent sound insulation and saving you energy costs every day.
“Aquolac Ecocoat” works by dissipating and reflecting heat by minimizing the path for the transfer of heat as it dries to form a tightly packed layer of the hard hollow micro-spheres.
In addition “Aquolac Ecocoat” also gives you the additional benefit of Elasticity, weather ability and water resisting properties since it is based on 100% pure Acrylic Emulsion, thus saving you time and money.

Aquolac Ecocoat


  • Very low thermal conductivity to provide excellent thermal insulation
  • Very high radiant heat reflectivity
  • Good durability and weather resistance
  • Excellent water-proofing properties
  • Water based environment friendly. Contains no heavy metal or other hazardous substances
  • Good adherence to cement, wood, metal etc.
  • Suitable for Interior or Exterior Application
  • Reduces heat or cooling loss
  • Environment Friendly

How to use

For best result, apply three coats on a properly prepared surface. It is advised to use Aquolac Ecocoat on the Outer Surface in Summers and to the Inside Surface in Winter. Can be applied on Walls, Roofs, Heating / Cooling Ducts, Metal Buildings, Cold Storage facilities, Grain Bin / Silos, Modular Homes etc.


Semi-glossy to matt


Aquolac Ecocoat covers approx. 8 Sq. Mtr. To 10 Sq. Mtr. per litre per coat on smooth surfaces.


Available in 4 Ltr. And 20 Ltr. packs