Aquolac Fiber Mesh Roll

Fiber Mesh Roll (Glass Woven Fabric) is a ready-to-use mesh that is thin, strong and flexible alkali resistant for embedment with waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane on both the residential and commercial floors & walls of sunk portions and top roof terrace. Fiberglass mesh improves the performance of buildings near water bodies when applied over cracks, coves and corners and around drains


  • Durable and flexible
  • Easy embedment
  • Easy in installation
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to cut with knife or scissors


  • In kitchen wash area
  • Terrace or roof area
  • Areas near water bodies where hydrostatic pressure exist
  • To repair patches of floors, ceiling and rendering walls
  • Toilet bathroom and sunken portion

Application Process

After applying first layer of waterproofing as per the requirements by using appropriate equipment. Lying of the net over the first coat of the application done, positioning it in the vertical or horizontal directions and overlapping the joints by at least 10 cm. Level the surface properly It is advisable to add strips of net sloping at 45° on a level with windows and door openings. If waterproofing integrity is required in expansion and control joints net strip can be bond on two sides of joint and seal it.

Technical Information

  • Appearance : White colour glass fiber
  • Weight : 50 gm/meter square
  • Thickness : 0.012″(0.3mm)
  • Weave : Leno
  • Application temperature : -20°C to +45°C


  • Compatibility: It has excellent compatibility with all cement- or epoxy-based mortars.
  • User friendly: specifically developed to provide an easy to apply product.
  • Definable performance: positive benefits are easily demonstrated via a single and simple measurement


Fiber Glass Mesh is supplied in 50 meters & 100 meters rolls


Minimum of 2 years shelf-life if kept under room temperature (i.e. 27¢XC).It should kept away from direct sunlight and store in cool and dry place.