Fire Resisting Paint – for Metals

Fire Resisting Paint for Metals

AQUOLAC FIRE RESISTING PAINT is manufactured by using selected newly developed combination of raw materials under great care of Raw Material & Finished Goods Testing. It is suitable for metal surface. It reduces the fire hazards to greater extent.

Fire Resisting Paint


The material is used to prevent fire on metal surface & can be applied directly by brush. If requirements, add small quantity of thinner & mix well.

Drying Time

Its drying time is 4hrs. Two coats are sufficient.


It varies according to nature of surface in general it covers approximately 8 to 10 sq.m/Ltr.


  1. Material should be well mixed before application
  2. Do not apply the paint during Heavy Rains / Snow
  3. Before applyomh Fire Resisting Paint, Red Oxide- Zinc Chromate Primer should be used as under coat.