Fire Resisting Paint – for Wood & Walls

for Wood & Concrete

AQUOLAC Fire Resisting Paint (Silicate type) is manufactured by using selected newly developed combination of raw materials under great care of raw material and finished goods testing. It meets the requirements of Indian standards and is suitable for any type of wooden/concrete surface. It reduces the fire hazards to the greater extent AQUOLAC Fire resisting paint is manufactured as per IS: 162

Fire Resisting Paint


This material is used to prevent fire on wood concrete etc. and can be applied directly by brush. It required add small quantity of water and mix well.

Drying Time

Its Drying time is 60 to 70 minutes. Two coats are sufficient for finishing the surface.


It varies according to the nature of the surface, in general it covers approximately 6 to 8 Sq.m/Ltr.


Available in 20 Ltrs. Polythene lined M.S.Drums


  1. Material should be well mixed before application
  2. Do not apply the paint during heavy rains/snow.