Aquolac Freecure

Liquid for Curing Concrete

AQUOLAC Freecure Liquid compound is manufactured by blending synthetic waxes with other selected chemicals to form non-toxic emulsion. It prevents evaporation of water particles from the concrete surface by forming a thin membrane, hence enabling to cure it without the further addition of water.



  • No other curing is required and eliminates use of water, Hessian or sand completely
  • It provides non-toxic and non-inflammable membrane
  • Provides 10-15% higher strength than obtained by curing with water
  • Cured surface is free from capillary type pores and cracks
  • Can be applied at all temperature


AQUOLAC FREECURE is used on freshly cast concert’s or newly exposed concrete surface to form a temporary membrane which will retain sufficient moisture for affective curing. It is useful for large area of concrete such as pavement, runways, bridge and vertical or sloping surface as chimneys, towards, canal linings, columns and beams where water curing is difficult. The membrane with the passage of time breakdown after which the surface can be painted after removing the loose particles.


AQUOLAC FREECURE should be applied after disappearance of water seen from the surface. If the concrete has already lost some of its surface water them wet down the surface before application.

It can be applied by low pressure spray or Brush. It covers area approximately 5 to 6m2 Ltr.


Available in 20 Ltrs. & 200 Ltrs. drums.