Aquolac Instant Hardner – 90 Grade

Super Instant Hardner Compound for Cement Setting

Instant hardner is a chloride free liquid chemical . it requires only the site addition of pure cement to produce a highly consistent, rapid setting mortar which is easy to apply in many difficult conditions. The material is based on a blend of chemical and additives which control the rate of set and minimise the risk of thermal cracking. Instant hardner provides an initial set time of approximately one minute.


  • Emergency water-stopping capability
  • Single component – only the addition of pure cement is required
  • Excellent bond to the substrate
  • Low exotherm minimises thermal cracking
  • Pre-bagged formulation to overcome variations in site batching
  • Contains no chloride admixtures
Super Instant Hardner Compound - 90 Grade

Technical Data

Following results obtained @ 23 ± 2oC

Compressive strength
(BS 6319 Pt 2: 1983) : 5 N/mm2 @ 2 hours, 32 N/mm2 @ 28 days

Initial set time:
Approximately 1 min

Note: Set times will be extended when mixed at lower temperatures.


Keep it in a cool place away from direct sunlight and high temperature.


5 Ltr.