Aquolac Instant Hardner

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Instant Hardner

Unique Features

  • Combine a tough hard-wearing surface with waterproofing. Allows trapped vapors to escape thus preventing peeling and bubbling.
  • It is applied in a uniform thickness to horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Develops excellent bond to most building materials.
  • Reduces of prevents salt penetrating into concrete.
  • It is not affected by ultraviolet light or by chemical ranging from acids to strong alkalies.
  • It is highly durable in continuous wetting condition.
  • It is non flammable and does not give off toxic gases when exposed to fire.
  • Will not rot or corrode.
  • Most properties improve with age.
  • It is not harmful to the health of workmen.
  • It is non toxic.

Surface Preperation & Method of Application:

Prior to application of AQUACRETE work all surfaces must be prepared properly to avoid failure. The surface shall be cleaned to remove all dust foreign matters, loose materials or any deposits of contaminants, which could affect the bond between the surface and the AQUACRETE coating. This can be done by scarifying grinding water-blasting sand blasting acid washing or by any other approved method.
New surfaces like sub-base concrete shall be reasonably smooth so as not to impede the application of AQUACRETE coating and to avoid sharp projections.
All concrete surfaces shall be thoroughly pre-wetted for at least one hour prior to the application of AQUACRETE coatings by pounding of water on flat surface and by vigorously spraying water on vertical / inclined surfaces.
When placing AQUACRETE coating, all water shall be removed so that surface is only damp or surface dry. In no case there shall be standing water or a shiny wet surface.
Depressions are filled and leveled using AQUACRETE fillers. For filler the mixing ratio is 1 Kg. Cement : 1.5 Kg. Silica Sand and 0.52 Kgs. AQUACRETE.
AQUACRETE Polymer is mixed with neat cement in the ratio of 100 kgs. cement: 52 kg. AQUACRETE.
The mix has to be stirred thoroughly until no air bubbles remain in the mix and any lump found in the mix , should be removed.
The mix has to be applied by brush on rendered and or prepared surface. Two or more coats are application recommended, First coat should be allowed to air dry for 5-6 hours, The surface should be made wet before application in case of porous structures.


  • AQUACRETE systems must be applied with a temperature above 10 ÂșC.
  • During the first 12 hours of curing it must be protected from abrasion, rain other adverse conditions.
  • No traffic shall be allowed on a standard AQUACRETE surface within 48 hours after installation.
  • After application of final coat of AQUACRETE initial air drying shall be done for 2-6 hours. During this period no water is to b e used for curing. In case of high temperature and low humidity combined with high wind condition, the coating shall be covered with polythene sheet to avoid rapid drying of the coating. Maximum period of 6 hours after the final application moist curing shall be done for the next 24 hours by way of spraying water on AQUACRETE coating. During this period at no point of times should the AQUACRETE coating be left completely dry submerged in water. Following moist curing time AQUACRETE coating shall be allowed to air dry for 3 days or submersion in water.

Coloring Instructions

  • In case of White colour: use White Cement
  • In case of other colour: White cement + Colorant

Ideally Suitable for

  1. Waterproofing of basements, toilets, terraces, roofs, swimming pool, Water Tower etc.
  2. General concrete repairs.
  3. Protection of concrete against corrosion, Salt attack etc.


Available in 8 ltr. bottles