Aquolac Liquid Water Proofing Plus

Integral Liquid Water Proofing Compound For Concrete & Plaster

Aquolac Liquid Water Proofing Plus is specially formulated integral Liquid waterproofing compound of surface active plasticizing agents polymers & additives it is used as an additive for cement plasters it make concrete & cohesive and prevents segregation.

Standard Compliance/ Specification:
Meets the requirements of IS : 2645-2003

Technical Specifications

Color °C
Non volatile content
PH value
Chloride Content
Water perameability
Compresive Strength N/
Free flowing liquid
Wine Red
Passess (IS: 2645-2003)
Mix. 2.00% (IS: 2645-2003)
Passess (IS: 2645-2003)
As per the standared
Aquolac Liquid Water Proofing Plus


  • Corrosion Resistant: Makes Concrete more cohesive hence protects better against corrosion.
  • Compatibility Being Liquid: Easily dispersal & comparable with concrete/Mortar mixes.
  • Permeability: It reduces the permeability of water into concrete.
  • Strength: Reduces shrinkage crack development in plaster and concrete.
  • Work Ability: improves work ability of freshly mixed cement concrete.
  • Durability: Increase durability by improving waterproofing of concrete.

Area of Application

Waterproffing of concrete and sand-cement mortars used in:

  • Basements, Roof, SAlbs and Screeds
    Water Tanks and water Retaining, Structures
  • External Plastering, Bathrooms
    Balconies and Drains.

How to Use

Charges Cement and aggregates to concrete mixure as per time as per the mix design min in dry state for 1-2 minitues start addition of 75-80% mixing water and minx for 2-3 minitues.

Aquolac LW Plus is added as per the recomented dosage into the remaining mixing/gauging waret, then add to concrete mixer and min for another 2 minitues.

Place the concrete or applying plaster, as needed.

Cure the applied mortar or concrete as per good construction practies.

Shelf Life & Storate

  • Best before 2 years for the date of manufacturing when sealed pack and storage under proper condition.
  • Storage in a Cool & Dry place.


1, 5, 20 & 200 Ltrs.

Health & Safty Precautions

  • Use Rubber hand Gloves and safty goggles while using Aquolac LW Plus.
  • In case of Contact with sklin wash with planty of water.
  • Keep out of reach children.
  • Do not add Aquolac LW Waterproof Plus directly to dry cement and aggregate mix.
  • Maintain Water Cement Ration as per Low as possible.
  • Do not increase the dosage of Aquolac LW Plus than the recommendation.