Aquolac Repellin WR-003

Silicone Based water repellent for exterior Brick & Stone Masonry Surfaces

Aquolac Repellin WR is composed of Siloxane & Silane polymers dispersed in high boiling point solvent it is used for waterproofing of concrete & cementations vertical walls of building because it penetrate deeply into the substrate & provides an effective water repellent protective coating. It does not the appearance of the substrate & is UV resistant.

Standard Compliance/ Specification:
Meets the requirements of IS : 12027-1987

Technical Specifications

None Volatile matter,%
Specific gravity ©30°C, gms/ml
Surface Dry time
Water repellency
Water abscription,% (after 24 hours)
Flash Point.'C
Clear Free flowing liquid
water white to pale yellow
Spray or brush
20-25 minutes
IS: 12027-1987 Repeal water in beadform
IS: 12027-1987 10 max
Repellin WR-003


  • Ease of Application: Ready to use simply brushable or spray applied.
  • Staining: Clear coating does not stain the treated surface.
  • Appearance: Does not change the appearance of exterior decorative coating.
  • Vapour Transmission: Prevents build-up of moisture into the wall but allows moisture to evaporate out.
  • Efforescence: Prevent effectively.
  • Economical: Cost-effective.
  • Penetration: Due to low viscosity penetration is high which provides the hydrophobic zone.

Area of Application

  • Water Repellent treatment for Clay brick surfaces.
  • Concrete Mortar
  • Managlore Tiles
  • Natural and artifical stones.
  • Balconies and Drains.

How to Use

Surface Prepration:

  • Surface should be dry and free from all debris, dirt, Oli, greese, wax and all other contamination, which could prevent penetration.
  • Clean the saturated dirt of surface by through wire brushing cleaning with compressed air followed by water washing.
  • Degreese oil & grease by using approprite solvents.
  • Allow the surface to dry completely before the application.
  • Seal the crecks using Aquolac putty product.
  • Throught wire brushing following by sanding with emery paper is recommeneded.


  • Apply one coat of Aqolac Repellin WR simply by brushing on the prepared surface.
  • Aquolac Repellin WR can also be applied with airless spray.
  • Degreese oil & grease by using approprite solvents.
  • Apply secound coat wet on improve the pentiation rate & performance.
  • Allow it dry for 24 hours.

Precautions & Limitations:

  • Do not dilute
  • Close the container lid properly after use.
  • Before applying over the natural stones like sand stone,  proper sampling should be done on a small area to check its suitability.
  • Before taking up application on a large area. It is advisable to check the performance of the production a relatively area.


On porous substrate 5-6 sq. meter/litre/coat and on low porous substrate 7-8 Sq. meter/litre/coat.

Shelf Life & Storate

Shelf life is 18 months from the date of menufacturing in opened condition. Store in a cool and dry place.


1, 5 & 20 Ltrs.

Health & Safty Precautions

  • Use rubber hand gloves and safety goggles while using Aquolac Repqllin WR.
  • In case of Contact with skin, wash with plenty of water.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not smoke during application.