Aquolac Roof Paint Corrogal

AQUOLAC ROOF PAINT CORROGAL is based on Chlorinated Rubber modified with other selected resins and special pigments to Provide a film resistant to chemicals, water, Acids, alkali and corrosive influences. It provides a durable coat resistance to mar humidity, abrasion and weather.

Roof Paint Corrogal


It is most useful for all types of surfaces such as wood floor, brick, Metal, asbestos. Specially useful in swimming pools and on Hill station where atmospheres is always wet.


Provides a smooth and eggshell matt finish.

How to use

Apply using brush or spray.

For thinning down use Aquolac Thinner for corrogal Paint.

Drying Time

Surface Dry : 30 to 40 minutes.
Hard Dry : 4 to 5 Hour.


11 to 13 sq. meter per Ltr. Depending upon the nature of the surface.


Available in 20 Ltrs. M.S, Drums.