AQUOLITE Acid & Alkali Resistant Paint

Acid & Alkali Resistant Paint, Lead-Free, IS: 157

Aquolite Acid & Alkali resisting paint is based on a combination of high performance resins to provide protection against diluted Sulphuric, Nitric, Hydrochloric Acids, Lime Caustic Potash, Corrosive Chemicals and fumes.

AQUOLITE - Acid & Alkali Resistant Synthatic Paint


It is specially suitable for use where the atmosphere is corrosive and resistance to chemical attack is necessary. The material is used for general purpose for the protection of Apparatus. Equipment, Machines, Battery Rooms, Swimming pools etc.

How to use

Apply using brush or spray.

Flash Point

Above 30ºC

Drying Time

Surface dry : 2 – 3 Hour
Hard dry : Less than 12 hours.


15 to 16 sq. meters per litre. Per coat depending upon the surfaces


Available in 4 Ltr. And 20 Ltr. packs