Deluxe Dry Distemper

IS:427 (ISI CM/L – 1290040)

Aquolac Deluxe Dry Distemper is ideal for easy, quick and economical decoration of the surfaces of plaster walls or brick work. It is in powder form and is fire resistant, non-poisonous and it gives adhesion. It is manufactured from finest grades of raw materials & is available in 24 Eyepleasing shades besides white.

Dry Distemper


For all types of Plaster, Bricks, etc. Suitable for interior use.

How to use

The surface to be painted should be thoroughly clean. Mix about 300 ml. of warm water to 1 kg. of Aquolac Dry Distemper and obtain a creamy paste. Keep it for sometime and further add about 700 ml. water to obtain brushing consistency.


By Brush

Drying Time

1 to 2 hours, 2 coats are sufficient


Aquolac Deluxe Dry Distemper gives a smooth & matt finish.


8-10 sq. meters per Kg. per coat on properly prepared surfaces


20 Kg. Sack., 1.5 Kg. Carton & 1.5 Kg Polypack.