Integral Cement Waterproofing Compound, ISI CM/L – 1243536

Duroseal is a water repellent compound in powder form. It is the first choice for prevention against leakage seepage and dampness. Added to cement, it ensures the impermeability of the concrete by increasing the density of the mix. Checking capillary action and improving permeability. It is most essential for walls, roofs, water tanks, Dams, Pools, Sewer , Basements . Highly economical only 2% Duroseal of the cement used ensures completely waterproofing.

Duroseal - Integral Cement Waterproofing Compound

How to use

1 Kg. of Duroseal should be used with 50 Kg. of cement.


1 Kg. & 25 Kg. Bags.