Floronite – Concrete Hardening Metalic Compound

Metallic Concrete Hardner (For Heavy Duty Floors)

Floronite is a perfect hardener based on selected metallic aggregates, abrasion resistant chemicals dispersing and wetting agents. It provides a heavy duty topping to with stand light and heavy pressure and traffic. Floronite also provides a slip, dust, grease and water resistant surface most essential for flooring in factories, mills, Railways Platforms, Defense establishments etc.

Floronite - Concrete Hardening Metalic Compound


It prevents disintegration of floor under heavy traffic and is duly tested and approved by Govt. Test House , Kolkata.

How to use

Normally one part of Floronite and Cement are mixed well in dry state in ratio of 1 : 4 or 5 by weight to two parts by bulk of crushed granite 6mm down.


50 Kg. Polythene lined Jute Bags.