ROSE Super Gloss Hard Drying Synthetic Enamel

Aquolac Super Gloss Hard Drying Synthetic Enamel is a high Grade alkyd based paint pigment with high capacity light Fast And chalk resisting pigments. It gives a non porous, silky smooth And luxurious finish which resists all types of climate conditions Thus making it the ideal choice for all exterior and interior uses. It is extremely easy to apply and flows out to a smooth film free from brush marks.

Rose Synthetic Enamel


It is most useful for all types of exterior and interior surfaces where a high standard of durability and protection is required such as sheet metal, castings, Wood, Transport, and passenger vehicles. Machinery Agricultural equipment plasters and other specialized uses.

Acid Alkali Resistance

It has considerable resistance to acid Alkali and corrosive fumes like to be found in laboratories and chemical process building but is not intended for use on surfaces in direct and prolonged contact with strong acids.

How to use

Apply using brush or spray paint

Flash Point

Above 30ÂșC

Available Colours

Available in 30 Shades plus Black and super White.

Drying Time

Surface Dry : 2-3 hours
Hard Dry : Less than 10 hours.


16 to 18 sq. meters per litre per coat with shades like P.O. Red & Signal Red giving less covering


500ml, 1 ltr., 4 ltr., and 20 ltrs.