Acrylic Based Cement Water Proofing Compound

It is an Acrylic Based Chemical Compound based on latest International Technology. It acts as an Impermeable Chemical Treatment for water proofing. It checks the permeability of water through cracks of concrete structure and brickwork etc. Superseal passes all requirements of IS: 2645: 1975 for integral Cement Water Proofing Compound with excellent results.

Test Report of AQUOLAC Superseal as per IS : 2645 – 1975

Setting Time
with Aquolac Superseal
without Aquolac Superseal
96 minutes
92 minutes
224 minutes
218 minutes
Percolation Test
with Aquolac Superseal
without Aquolac Superseal
Through cells
173 ml
892 ml
Compressive Strength
with Aquolac Superseal
without Aquolac Superseal
At 3 days
169 kg./
165 kg./
At 7 days
233 kg./
225 kg./


  • Aquolac Superseal reduces permeability to less than 25% without any considerable change in compressive strength and setting time of the mix.
  • It increases the density of the concrete to make it free from cracks an crevices thus ensuring freedom from Dampness.
  • It is widely recommended for use in Dams Tunnels, Terraces, Reservoirs, Toilets, Sewerage, Docks Bath pools, Brick work etc.

How to use

Proportion of Aquolac Superseal to be used with ordinary good quality Portland cement shall be 1% i.e.1 Kg. Of AQUOLAC SUPERSEAL shall be thoroughly mixed with 100kg. of Cement in dry state. AQUOLAC SUPERSEAL can be used for preparation of water light concrete employed in construction of water retaining structures Sanitary rooms construction in humid atmospheres condition, concrete roofs etc.

In Roughcast Renderings: 20mm thick two coats are required. Use three part of sand and I part of Cement containing1% AQUOLAC SUPERSEAL.

In Basement: Cellars, Tank Rendering etc: 25mm thick two coats within 2 part of sand and I part of cement containing 1% AQUOLAC SUPERSEAL.

Concrete Blocks: 6 part of sand to one part of Cement containing 1% AQUOAC SUPERSEAL it can also be used in Lime Plastering on brick work. Where 1% of AQUOLAC SUPRSEAL shall be used with Hydrate Lime.


Available in 1 kg. poly pack and 25 kg. bag.