Ultimate Wall Putty

Ultimate Wall Putty based on White Cement / For Interior and Exterior (Water Based)

AQUOLAC Cement Wall Putty is a world class product of its kind, based on India’s best quality Birla White Cement. It is having water proof properties for use on cement plastered as well as on concrete walls and ceilings for both interior and exterior. Due to its unique qualities it enhances the life of paints and coating

World class Birla White Cement, Superior quality fillers, most modern water-proofing compounds, imported fungicides and water retention compounds. All these ingredients make it a quality product.

Ultimate Wall Putty


  • Easy to apply
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Can be used on new and old surfaces
  • Non -toxic

How to use

Surface Preparation: Clean the surface to remove dust, oily material, any colour and foreign matter from the surface by wire brush or sand paper before curing the surface with water thoroughly.

Preparation of Putty: Prepare the AQUOLAC Wall Putty by adding 400gms water in 1Kg. wallputty, stir the mixture properly to make it a smooth applicable paste. Apply the prepared paste uniformly on the wet surface with the help of putty blade for first coat. Similarly apply the second coat after the first coat dries up completely.


In ideal conditions of plain and smooth plastered surface, AQUOLAC Cement Wall Putty covers 20 to 25 sq.ft/kg/mm in two coats.


Available in 5Kg. and 20Kg. HDPE laminated plastic bags.


Keep AQUOLAC Wall Putty in dry place.